Notice Board

Change of Assessment Year (AY) for the CFPCM Examination, 10 Jan 2018

This is to inform all  concerned  that  the  applicable  Assessment  Year  shall  be AY 2017-18 (pertaining to the Financial Year 2016-17) for the questions involving knowledge of Income Tax Rules and its application in the computation of taxable income, eligible deductions, tax, etc. under the Income-tax Act, 1961.

The change to AY 2017-18 would be applicable to the examination content with effect from 6th April 2017 and would remain in force till further revision.

It may be noted that there are no structural changes in the other features of CFPCM examination such as pattern, scoring, etc.

Revised Sample Paper for Tax Planning & Estate Planning – TPEP/Exam 4 along with suggested  solutions  shall  be  uploaded   on   FPSB   India’s   website   under   CFP Certification > Sample Papers (Exam 1-4) by 31st March, 2017.

Revised Sample Case Studies (SP-1 and SP-2) and their respective Working Notes (WN-1 and WN-2) for Advanced Financial Planning (Exam 5), for Regular as well as Challenge Status Pathway candidates, shall be uploaded on FPSB India’s website under CFP Certification > Sample Papers (Exam 5) by 31st March, 2017 along with probable Case Studies for the certification examination.