Practical teaching was provided and concepts were made thoroughly understood. Study material was of great help. Professors are patient enough to solve all our queries and help us in all the possible ways. 

 CFP helped me understand various investment avenues and how it helps in planning our taxation and retirement. It provided a boost to my career and help me seek better job opportunities in the field of banking and finance. 
 Aashmi Vora, ,  

Yess the faculty for final was very effective academically and practically both. She made us understand things in the simple manner and with logical reason.

All in all good one.

 Bhupesh P Chaudhri, ,  

Everyone at the class was really good with their teaching and most importantly the teachers were willing to give all the required time to attend my doubts. 

 Pratham Kothari, ,  

Financial Planning Academy is one of the best institutions for CFP certification.

Thank you very much for the guidance and never ending support which has helped me to clear all my examinations in first attempt. I really appreciate your efforts and support .

My experience with FPA was excellent. The faculties are highly knowledgeable and acquainted. Doubt solving sessions were very helpful. I would like to particularly mention Ms. Sneha Punmiya ma’am for her invariable support.

I have also cleared my RIA in first attempt, thanks once again to Sneha mam.

Being CFP and RIA has enhanced my knowledge about all the aspects of personal finance and now I am in a position where I can handle my client’s queries / objections very easily and this helped me to gain my client’s confidence and to grow my business.

The scope of CFP is very good in Indiabecause it is an upcoming course in the financial services.Now a day’s many financial organizations are hiring CFP for the financial planning.

FPA, as an organization, has a one point focus, of providing the best possible training for students to make rewarding careers in the field of Finance. I would recommend FPA to all those who wish to pursue the career in the field of finance.


Neha C Shah, CFPCM

 Neha Shah, ,  

Faculties here not only gives its students a vivid knowledge of both theoretical & practical concepts but also provides apt solutions to our doubts whether it is related to the course or any other matter.
I must say investing here will give high returns.


I enjoyed doing the CFP Certification course from FPA.
The teaching style of faculties being student friendly helped me concentrate more during the lectures.The constant support given by back end team was also very helpful.The knowledge provided by faculties either related to examination or practical was very motivating  for a person aspiring career in finance.Thanks to Sneha Punmiya Mam for making a student friendly environment during the lectures and helping each student personally.Even thanks to Kalpesh Sir by helping clearing tough concepts on the go.It was a very good experience learning at FPA.
 Kairav Shah, ,  

The faculty at FPA, made the learning of CFP course such an ease having combined the theory knowledge to the practical knowledge in real life. Their classroom training and i-learn platform helped to understand the concepts easily. 

I would like to thank Kalpesh sir and Pratik sir, who took investment module and retirement planning and lastly Sneha ma'am who took three modules including the final module for their invaluable support throughout.
 Sheral Shah, ,  

I cleared my CFP Final module with A grade in May 2016.

I had enrolled for Challenge Status Classroom Training with Ambition Learning Solutions (ALS). I will definitely recommend ALS for the CFP course.

The teaching methodology at ALS reflects meticulous planning in helping students understand the basics.

The concepts of individual modules are introduced in the initial lectures, followed by practice problems and recap videos, which are quite comprehensive and set the base for the final module.

The faculty and the teaching quality is excellent. Students get personal attention and guidance is given on typical mistakes to be avoided in solving problems. Separate doubt solving sessions are also kept.

Kirtan Sir covered three modules and Sneha Madam covered the Tax module and the Final module.The interactions with both of them were very educative and covered practical aspects in investment and financial planning.

 Deepesh Merchant, ,  

FPA Is best for CFP certification . I was the e learner student but in every module faculty and team members supported me. Mock test and short notes provided by the faculty is very helpful in clearing the exams.
I will definitely suggest other persons to pursue this course through your esteemed Academy.
Thanks a lot for helping me in completion of certification.
 Gunjan Kataria, ,  

Thank you so much, its all because of Ambition learning i was able to clear all my modules in first attempt.

1)The best teachers i have ever come across. Excellent faculty and the teaching method of each of them was perfect. Made us understand all the concepts so very well, and if if we did not understand and had a doubt, made us explain in a very proper way. Learning with them was actually good. They made us understand the concepts so well that while solving the sums, it was not that difficult. Even difficult sums were made us explain in a very easy and smooth way.

2) Yes, teaching was not only till books or just to make us pass.Practical knowledge and implications were also taught. As i was just a college student when i joined this course a year back, i learnt a lot of things. Many new concepts i came across and had a clear understanding of each of them. The videos were so helpful that even though if i forgot some concept or confused about sum thing, it helped me solve my doubt. Especially I-learn was very helpful and ppts, mock test were add ons which  helped me to clear exams.

3) Excellent, Excellent and Excellent. I would like to Thank Pratik sir for teaching us the very first module so perfectly that till date we are thorough with it and also for retirement planning, Kirtan sir for investment planning, with the enthusiasm he taught was too good. He gave a very clear understanding of stock market in details and his teaching was excellent, like each and every concept was made clear with no doubts. Lastly Sneha punamiya Mam'm, who took 3 modules including the final module, her teaching was too good. I had so many doubts in tax and final module but with such calmness she made us understand so clearly. Her teaching was awesome, she made us understand the logic and sums so very well that were able to do sums on our own of the similar type. I would also like to thank Arpita Mam'm, for coordinating each time I had sum doubt.

 Aishwarya Kandoi, ,  


 i have cleared my CFP V EXAM yeaterday with A grade. I bought this pakage of online vodeos from ambition learning solutions with guidence of Mr. rahul aggarwal. 

  i would like to thank Mr. rahul aggarwal who inspired me for this online study and i find it very simple and effective way of teaching to student like me  who belongs not to metro but want to increse my knowledge and skills. again i thank you sir for all your support. It was a combined effort ..Kudos to you n your team Kirtan.
 Harpreet Bedi, ,  

I finally passed AFP exam in First Attempt  with B grade Yesterday!!
Thank you all for your best support , given Confidence and great Guidance which made me able to face 4 Hours of final exam.
Special thanks to Arpita and Kinjal , they provided / solved my every query since I joined Ambition!
This gratitude will not get complete unless I mention Sneha Punmiya, Kalpesh Panchal and Kirtan Shah ( sorry if i forget to mention other staff)  ! It was a nice experience of learning from you ! you all has set a successful entrepreneurship example before us all students!!
Thank you all once again! 
 Chaitrali Vaiude, ,  

Thank you very much for your Guidance and Never ending support which has Helped me to clear all my Examinations. You, personally have been a great Inspiration to me Pushing me forward and motivating me always.I appreciate your efforts and the way you put your heart and soul in teaching.

Lastly, I feel proud to be working as a Financial Planner at well known Wealth Management Firm even before clearing the AFP Exam and this credit immensely goes to you.

 Jinkal Gala, ,  

My experience with FPA was excellent. The faculty was highly knowledgeable and conversant. Extra coaching was available to me at all times. I would like to particularly mention Kalpesh Sir and his invariable support

 Farhad Captain, Vice President - Royal Bank of Scotland, Student of 2010, Churchgate  

FPA is well-resourced with the two most important parameters required by students to excel i.e. Study Material & Faculty. Each student receives individual attention and doubt solving sessions whenever required, especially during exams.

 Vishal Dharod, Manager & Advisory - Sharekhan, Student of 2010, Churchgate  

I had a good experience with FPA. The faculty members are very knowledgeable. The academy provides very good admin support for lecture schedules and timely response to all queries.

 Bhautik Doshi, Senior Associate - CRISIL, Student of 2010, Churchgate  

I completed my CFP in just 9 months. FPA follows a very organized and systematic approach towards the completion of the course. They provide quality study material which is comprehensive and simple to learn from.

 Sumit Handa, Chief Manager - ICICI BANK, Student of 2008, Churchgate  

The atmosphere at FPA is very welcoming. Along with studies it is very important to have a family atmosphere for students to perform, which exists in FPA. There is a very friendly bond between all associated with the academy – students, faculty, admin, counselors, which is not possible anywhere else.

 Pankaj Gaikar, Head (Risk Management) - LKP Securities, Student of 2008, Churchgate  

Fantastic Organization. Each and every process - Counseling, Enrollment, Registration, Training,  Extra Coaching, Follow Ups, Examinations and Placements; is handled very efficiently by a dedicated team at FPA.

 Manoj Vengurlekar, Assistant Manager - State Bank Of India, Student of 2008, Churchgate  

FPA, the organization, has a one point focus, of providing the best possible training for students to make rewarding careers in the field of Finance. I would recommend FPA to all those who wish to pursue the CFP Course as FPA is a leading authorized provider of the course, with leading faculty members from the industry.

 Pratik Gautami, Dealer - Angel Broking, Student of 2010, Churchgate  



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