CFPCM Course is the world's most prestigious Certification for those wanting to make a career in the field of Finance.

Once you have completed CFPCM Certification in India, you can practice as a CFPCM in 26 countries across the globe.

A CFPCM is recognized as a leader in the field of Financial Planning across the globe.

Allows you to join an elite group of CFPCM Professionals in 26 countries across the globe.


  • Get Internationally Certified before graduation
  • Internship programs while studying the course
  • Professional work profile on course completion and achieving graduation
  • Add a career upgrade within 6-8 months
  • Better understanding of BFSI sector
  • Further practical understanding and application in the field of finance
  • Clarity through explanation of concepts from basics




44 companies, which include top Bankers, Brokers, Wealth & Asset Management Companies, Insurance Companies, etc, have signed a petition with the FPSBI board preferring CFPCM certificants when it comes to recruitments

Organizations are making it mandatory for their Relationship Managers and Wealth Managers, to take up the CFPCM Certification Program

Over 1, 00,000 CFPCMs are required on an immediate basis (Placement Corner)


Pursuing CFPCM can widen the scope of an individual and open opportunity across various sectors and provide multiple career options.

A CFPCM professional can also provide professional services on a personal basis thus generating an additional earnings stream in the form of commissions, brokerage, incentives, advisory, etc. and expands your personal and professional opportunities within the world of finance.


This program of CFPCM course can be flexibly pursued along with one’s current studies/work. The NSE conducts the CFPCM Certification exams every day. A candidate can flexibly choose a convenient date and time to give the exams.

Multiple choice examination format makes it evident that CFPCM bridges the gap between practical & theoretical aspects of finance enabling a holistic view of the financial environment.

Classroom Lectures for CFPCM course are conducted on Weekends* (Weekend lecture will be conducted either on Saturdays or Sundays per batch. Choose as per your convenience)


  • Rated as "Hot Job" by CNBC in 2003
  • "Upcoming Certification in Financial Service in India" by The Week in 2004
  • CFPCM mark is rated as the "Gold Standard" by Wall Street Journal in 2006
  • Rated as "One of the Best Jobs" by U.S. News and World Report, 2012